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Liste de jeux pour console OpenBor

Airgallet Fighters Wing
Alien Vs Predator - Aftermath
Aliens Clash
Armored Warriors Cyberbots
Art Of Fighting -bor Remix 3
Art Of Figting - Trouble In South Town
Asterix And Caesars Challenge
Avengers - United Battle Force
Bad Ass Babes
Balance Of Power
Bare Knuckle 3 - Yesterday Once More
Bare Knuckle 6
Batman Gotham Knights
Battle Maniacs Bare Knuckle
Battle Toads
Battletoads And Double Dragon Iv - The Return Of The Dark Forces
Battletoads Double Dragon - The Revenge
Battletoads Double Dragon - The T.bird Mission
Beats Of Fighting
Beats Of Rage Alliance Super Sayan
Beats Of Rage Original
Beats Of Rage Xtra
Bruce Lee - Revenge Of The Dragon
Bruiser Brigade, The
Burn Kingdom Ch1
Burning Fox Game, The
Captain Commando And The Avengers
Castlevania - Pulse Of Animosity
Castlevania - Symphony Of Destruction
Castlevania Lcd Chronicles
Castlevania Legacy Of Dracula
Castlevania Moonlight Nocturine
Chaotix Rage
Chaves Streets
Chrono Killer
City Of Heroes
Clafan - Classic Fantasy
Clafan Advanced - Classic Fantasy Advanced
Code Name - Sailor 5
Contra - Locked N Loaded
Crime Buster
Crisis Evil - Countdown To Oblivion
Crisis Evil 1
Crisis Evil 2
Crisis Evil 3 - Santiago Infected
Dante Must Kill
Demon's Hand
Denjin Makai Zero
Dojo Crasher
Doom Ultra Violence
Double Dragon - Unlimited
Double Dragon 3 - The Dragon Stone
Double Dragon 4
Double Dragon Advance
Double Dragon Extreme
Double Dragon Gaiden
Double Dragon Genesis
Double Dragon Gold
Double Dragon Reloaded
Double Dragon Remix
Double Dragon Renegade
Double Dragon Revolution
Double Dragon Revolution 2
Double Dragon Snk
Double Dragon Unleashed
Double Dragon Zero
Dragon Ball
Dragon Ball Z - Attack Of The Saiyans
Dragon Ball Z Gold
Dragon Ball Z Tournament
Dragon Duo
Dragons Of Rage
Dreams Of Rage
Dungeon And Fighter B.o.r
Ed, Edd, N Eddy - Nightmare On Ed Street
Eight Man
Elfen Lied
Enter The Double Dragon
Escape From Cartoon Hell
Eternal Champions - The Thin Strings Of Fate
Evil Dead
Evil Dead 2
Evil Splatter
Fatal Fury Final
Fatal Fury Re Bout
Fatal Fury Re-bout 2
Fearless Warriors
Fighters Rage 3
Fighting Street
Final Fantasy 1
Final Fantasy 7 Advance
Final Fight - The Last Round
Final Fight Alpha
Final Fight And Cadillacs Ver.1.0
Final Fight Apocalypse - 1st Edition
Final Fight Apocalypse - 2nd Edition
Final Fight Dc
Final Fight Gold
Final Fight Gold Champion Edition
Final Fight Heroes
Final Fight Luta
Final Fight Special Edition
Final Fight Vs King Of Fighters
Final Fight X
Final Fight X Battletoads
Final Rage Chaos
Fire Emblem Castle Defense
Fists Of The Legendary Heroes
G.i. Joe
Ghouls N Ghosts
Ghouls'n Ghosts Returns
Golden Axe Curse Of Death Adder
Golden Axe Genesis
Golden Axe Legend
Golden Axe Remake - Special Edition
Guardian Heroes - Warpath
Guilty Gear The Crusades
Gunstar Heroes Z Edit
Halloween - The Wrath Of Michael Myers
Hatchet Ninjaz
Hiryu No Ken
Hulk Vs. Streets Of Rage
Hyper Duel
Hyper Final Fight
Hyper Final Fight 2
Hyper Final Fight 3
Ikari Warriors 2010
Joe And Mac - Caveman Ninja
Justice League United
Kill Bill Vol 1
Kill Ryu 1
Kill Ryu 2
Kill Ryu Turbo
Kingdom Hearts
Kirby Blast
Ladies Of Rage
Martial Masters - New Legend
Marvel - First Alliance
Marvel - First Alliance 2
Marvel - War Of The Gems
Marvel Demo
Marvel Super Heroes
Marvel Vs Capcom
Maskaku 1003
Masters Of The Universe

Mega Sonic
Megaman - The Power War
Megaman - War Of The Past
Megaman - Xtreme Legend
Megaman Armada
Melty Blood Stimulate
Metal Gear Origin
Metal Slug - Resistance
Metro-active X Streets Of War
Mix Masters
Mobile Suit Z-gundam
Monster Jam
Moon Stone - A Hard Day's Knight
Mortal Kombat
Mortal Kombat - The Chosen One
Mortal Kombat Adventure
Mortal Kombat Beat Em Up
Mortal Kombat Konquest
Mortal Kombat Outworld Assassins
Mortal Kombat Unlimited
Neon Lightning Force
Never Ending Story
Nick And Dumdum
Night Slashers X
Ninja Warriors Vs Marvel
One Piece - Grandline Bout
Panda Warriors
Phantasy Star 2 And 4
Phantasy Star Online
Pocket Dimensional Clash
Pocket Dimensional Clash 2
Pokemon Rumble 2d
Pow 2010
Pow Remake
Power Rangers - Beats Of Power
Project R
Rael The Redemption
Rage Of The Dragons
Rage Of The Streets
Rage Of The Wolves
Red Cyclone Zangief
Red Earth
Return Of Kyo, The
Return Of The Double Dragon
Rhythm Of Destruction 1 Black
Rhythm Of Destruction 2 - Street Fighter Edition
Rhythm Of Destruction 2 Blue
Rhythm Of Destruction 3 Green
Rhythm Of Destruction 4 Red
Road Rash Revolution
Rocket Viper 1
Rocket Viper 2
Rocko's Modern Game
Roy Streets
Ryuko No Ken Nekketsu
S.c.u. - Special Criminal Unit
Sailor Moon Alternate Story - Clone Attack
Sailor Moon Plus
Saint Seiya Death And Rebirth
Samurai Pizza Cats
Search For Athena, The
Sega Brawlers Mega Mix
Shiva And Lisa 1
Shiva And Lisa 2
Shiva And Lisa 3
Shodown Revenge
Silent Hill 2
Simpsons Treehouse Of Horror
Skull Kingz Remake
Sonic Defense
Sonic Liberations
Sonic Revolution
Sonic X Battle
Soul Edge 2
Splatterhouse 1 Deception Of The Mask
Splatterhouse 2 Journey Through Hell
Splatterhouse 3 Back To Light
Stains Of Deception
Streest Of Rage - Zombie
Street Fight Rage
Street Fighter - Victory
Street Fighter Legends
Street Fighter Ultimate Collection
Street Fury
Street Knightz
Street Of Rage Xxx
Streets Of Rage 4
Streets Of Rage 5
Streets Of Rage Next Generation
Streets Of Rage V3
Streets Of Rage Z - Return Of The Hero
Streets Of Russia
Strider 1
Strider 2
Strider X
Supah! Princess Defender
Super Fightin Spirit
Super Final Fight Gold
Super Mario Brawl
Super Mario Bros
Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo Hd Remix
Super Thundercats - The Lost Eye Of Thundera
Super Tokusatsu Onore
Tale Of Vengeance, A
Tales Of Fantasy I
Tales Of Phantasia
Target Renegade
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Lost In Space
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Raphael Is Missing
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Red Sky Battle
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Shell Shocked
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - The Wrath Of Shredder
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3 - The Manhattan Project
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 8-bit
Tekkaman Blade
Tekken - The Devil's Rage
Time Crisis - Side Scroller
Tmnt And Battletoads
Tmnt Rescue-palooza!
Ultimate Super Mega Beatdown
Unamed Project
Urban Lockdown
Valdivia City Ransom
Vampire Hunters
Vampire Rage Darkbor
Vampire Rage Hide
Vendetta - The World Warrior
Vengance Of Kyo
Vermilion Sword - The Legend Of Calibur
Village Of Rage
Warrior Frenzy
World Heroes - Supreme Justice Extra
X-men - Hunter For Mutants
X-men Guerra Dos Clones
X-men Sagas
X-men Vs Street Fighter
Xopowo For Hentaiers Custom
Xuanyuan Sword






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